A Community for Nomads

Work From Anywhere!

Live, work, and connect within a network of social spaces for location independent professionals.

- Locations -

Start in one place, end in the other.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Boco de Toro, Panama

- A Home Away -

Accommodation, Co-working, Connection, Flexibility


Our private rooms are comfortable, clean, and modern. They include a full bed, private bathroom, and storage space. However, our community spaces are designed to draw you out of your  room -- to listen to the ocean, read a book, or hang with new friends.

All of our living spaces meet Comada's standard, meaning they are in quiet, safe, neighborhoods, that are close to popular attractions, and easy to get around on foot or by bike.

Access a community kitchen and dining area with dedicated food storage space. Regular cleaning services are also included and staff is onsite 24/7.


Our co-working space is intentional. Located on the property but away from noise, with a desk and chair that is functional and comfortable.

You'll have access to soundproof videoconferencing booths with professional lighting and backgrounds.

WiFi is guaranteed.


The number one pain point for digital nomads is meaningful connection while traveling. With intentionality and a like-minded community, this can be overcome! Not only do we have social spaces, but we also host weekly events designed to foster connection; cooking and dance classes hosted by locals, game nights, and happy hours.

Additional opportunities to explore the local area with fellow guests are encouraged and offered at a discount. Go snorkeling or zip lining, take a tour of a cultural site or natural wonder.


Easily manage your reservations in an app with transparent pricing, availability, and zero change fees. Want to extend? Select your new dates. Friends moving to a new location? Move with them!

- Belong -

From remote work newbies to established digital nomads, Comada members are united by a passion to connect, explore, and live boldly.

For $1,200 a month, become part of the family and gain access to a network of properties throughout Latin American and Mexico.

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